Flex Software

Our product is appropriately named “Flex” to reflect it’s ability to flexibly match the needs of your organization. Instead of leaving the work of learning a new system squarely on you, Flex meets you half-way with interfaces custom fit to your needs, and fields named exactly as you request.

The heart of the system is a base platform that is accessible via PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or web-browser on any device. This means you can manage your books in the office from your PC, look up a contact from your phone, and your customer can review pictures of the completed work from a web-browser.

The central component of the system is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software application designed from the ground-up for flexibility and also to centralize all customer and vendor communications. In this, integration is the key – Flex puts all phone log, voicemail, fax, email, and accounting information in one place. Meaning, prior to calling a customer, you can review payment history, and note recent email or voicemails from that customer – in seconds!